A bit more on Stata graphs

In a recent post, I mentioned the new edition of "A Visual Guide to Stata Graphics". In principle, I'm all for the 'notepad' approach: whenever I need to come up with a new way to display information (a table, a graph, etc.), I head for the whiteboard and try to sketch what I need. 

Nevertheless, a bit of inspiration can be very helpful. Here are some suggestions…

My number one tip: Friedrich Huebler's blog called International Education Statistics. With his blog, Huebler achieves a very nice balance between form and content. I ran across the blog when looking for a nice way to make maps with Stata. Highly recommended, even if you're not interested in education statistics ;-).

Second tip: a set of Stata graph examples, reproduced by UCLA from the Stata originals. Click on each of the graphs to see the underlying code that produces the graph. 

Third, the graphics section of the Stata daily blog: particularly helpful for those nasty details, like changing the color of elements of a graph, stacking graphs in unusual ways, etc.

Finally, a new development: here's a blog post on recent advances in bringing network graphs to Stata. Still requires a bit of work, but very promising.

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